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Pennsylvania Pump Co Penometer 41 Clock Face Gas Pump

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SOLD June 2014!
260.00 LBS

Product Description

Antique gas pump by Pennsylvania Pump Company - Model 41 "Penometer", c1932

This is an extremely rare "Penometer" 1932 Clock Face gas pump by the Pennsylvania Pump Company. This pump is near complete and was installed in a barn and in working condition up though the 1970's. It's marked Serial number 2237. This is a very rare pump - you almost never see a Penometer pump coming available, 100% complete, and internally, in awesome condition. As you can see in the photos, this pump is in near mint, like new condition. This pump was used for it's entire service life as a light service non-commercial pump, in a covered barn in Connecticut, which is why it's in such amazing condition.

The Pennsylvania Pump Company Inc. factory and brand was shut down around 1935*, (have not been able to confirm a specific date), it's assets and inventory were purchased by a holding company named the "Pennsylvania Pump Company Manufactures". The holding company sold the remaining inventory mostly to smaller independent stations and for non commercial farm use at a significant discount, (in 1932 the pump sold for $160.00, and after the bankruptcy, the pumps were advertised for $99.00) which is likely the path this pump took. Since it was never used commercially, the only paint it has ever had on it was a gray exterior, which has now mostly faded away and is down to base metal. All the rust and oxidation on the exterior is surface only - NO rust spots or major corrosion anywhere on the skins. The cast iron canopy and base show slightly more "flaky" rust, but still only surface. The interior of the pump shows how little this pump was ever used. Highlights of this pump include:

  • The Total Gallon meter shows a total of only 14,000 gallons total pumped. 
  • The clock face dial meters shown in the pictures above have not even been cleaned yet and are almost pristine!
  • It has the original cardboard tags showing how the motor was wired from the factory for 120v Vs 220, and the tag instructing the maximum voltage of light bulb to put in the light fixture. Both are marked printed for the "Pennsylvania Pump Company". How these cardboard tags survived 80+ years is beyond me!
  • Original 1940's era "Gilmore" v-belt still on the electric motor and pulley
  • Motor & Pump works, primes and pumps just like new!
  • This pump was used such a little amount, the pump mechanism was never even serviced. How do we know this? There is a metal twist tie "lock" on the drain nut for the service port on the pump (similar to the ones you see on your home power & gas meters) that the plastic seal has never been broken and stamped with the Pennsylvania Pump Company initials.
  • Original hose, fittings, etc, many of which are stamped with dates. The hose is stamped with a June 1932 date, several pipe fittings on the internals are February 1929, and several other parts have stamps of 1932.
  • The Visi-Guage was installed backwards, and as near as I can tell, has been like that since it's first use. Looking at the original installation documents and advertising brochures I have for the Penometer 41, the visi-gauge was supposed to be reversed on it's connection to the pump, and the hose. Since it's likely been like this since it was first setup in the 1930's, I've not reversed it and installed it like it should be.

Currently this pump is planned for a full and complete restoration, but that has not yet been started. We will be posing links and on a special section of our site detailing it's progress. If you are interested in this pump before we start the planned restoration to factory original looks, or once it's completed, please contact us!

Included with the pump are several original advertisements, and a complete copy set of the pump breakdown, setup and install manual, and original factory options and prices. These will be framed by us, or sent along as part of the package, depending on what the buyer would like. More detailed pictures of the documents and the pump are available upon request and the video of the pump will be posted soon.



Pennsylvania Pump Company, Inc.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Not much is known about the Pennsylvania Pump Co. They were never a big player, but made pumps of all kinds, including gas pumps up into the mid to late 1930's. From documents I have, they show that at the peak, around 25,000 Pennsylvania pumps were in use.  Jack Sim, author of the "GAS PUMP IDENTIFICATION BOOK", lists the various models and dates of production, but other than that, next to nothing is known on who the company did business with, which brands used the "Penometer" pumps, etc. The Pennsylvania Pump Co. ceased operations, as with many companies of the day, during the Great Depression.  The factory and brand, owned and operated by "The Pennsylvania Pump Company Inc.", was shut down, likely around 1935* (have not been able to confirm an exact date). It's assets and inventory were purchased by a holding company named the "Pennsylvania Pump Company Manufactures". The holding company sold the remaining inventory mostly to smaller independent stations and for non-commercial farm use at significant discounts: in 1932 the Penometer 41 sold for $160.00, and after the bankruptcy, the pumps were advertised for $99.00.

Some confuse Pennsylvania Pump Co with making the more common "Pennsylvania Pump" brand/model, which they did not.  Pennsylvania Pump Co. Inc. made the “Penometer” brand pump, and we have a model 41 Penometer here in this sale. The company started in business sometime before 1927 making visible pumps, and they last advertised a clock meter pump in 1935.*

Originally, I planned to "restore" this pump - but it's uniquness and factory like new interior (even including the instruction manual!) it would be a crime to touch anything on it, so I will leave it as is. 

Thanks for looking! 

*Sources: Jack Sim, "An Illustrated Guide to Gas Pumps" available on iBooks. Scott Benjamin & Wayne Henderson "Gas Pump Collector's Guide", available on Google e-Books
**Atlantic Globe seen in a few of the photos is NOT included with the pump - it is a separate item.

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